Faculty & Staff Annual Campaign
Dawn Keig
"At Whitworth there is such a sense of history as being integral to the way we carry out our mission, and our history is very much alive. Whitworth's history is one of the very first things to which we are exposed. This sets the tone for all of our shared experiences. So giving to Whitworth is one of the little things I can do to show my commitment to honoring that history, what came before and what will continue into the future!"
August Weil
"I support Whitworth financially for two reasons. First, I love the mission of the university. Equipping graduates to honor God, follow Christ and serve humanity brings purpose and meaning to my role as a groundskeeper. Second, I have experienced God's life-transforming love on this campus through many relationships that I hold near and dear to my heart. Giving back is my way of saying thank you to our Father in heaven for how He has blessed my life through Whitworth."
Mark Killian
"Early in our marriage, my wife and I cultivated a habit of giving. Whitworth just happens to be one of the places to which we give. We're happy to support the mission of Whitworth University."
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