Faculty & Staff Annual Campaign

Q & A

What is the Faculty & Staff Campaign?
This campaign is a one-month fund-raising effort exclusively for Whitworth employees to contribute financially to the university. During the month of November, faculty and staff are asked to make gifts and/or payroll-deduction pledges to strengthen Whitworth’s scholarships and programs and to enhance the quality of a Whitworth education.

Why does Whitworth ask faculty and staff to give?
When faculty and staff make financial gifts to the university, they not only support Whitworth’s goals: they also send an important message about their commitment to Whitworth’s mission. This is a message that is important to communicate to outside funders. When Whitworth development officers are able to ask potential funders to join the Whitworth community in financially supporting our students, it speaks volumes about our belief in what we’re doing and about the students we serve.

What counts as participation in the campaign?
Gifts made and payroll deduction forms received from July 1 through November 30 are counted toward our goal of 60 percent participation. The amount of your gift doesn’t matter – it matters only that you give.

How do I know how my building is doing in this competition?
We’ll reveal the current level of participation among your building’s group via email each week, in hopes that it spurs on some healthy competition among our colleagues. You can also view updates here on our website. Any building that reaches 100 percent by November 30 will get a reception hosted by the Office of Annual Giving.

How do I make a gift?
You can make a gift three ways: 1) Online here: www.whitworth.edu/give, 2) By setting up payroll deduction (see more info below), or 3) By sending your check (payable to Whitworth University) to the Whitworth Office of Annual Giving (Hardwick House).

How does payroll deduction work?
If you sign up for payroll deduction through this campaign, your deductions will begin with your next paycheck. Simply specify the amount and designation of your gift, and it will be automatically deducted from your paycheck. This information will be included with your payroll advice, and if you ever need to make adjustments, you may contact Whitworth Advancement Services. Unless you indicate otherwise, your monthly gifts will be ongoing until you contact our office to change your deduction.

What is The Whitworth Fund?
Please visit www.whitworth.edu/whitworthfund.

What areas can I support besides The Whitworth Fund?
We’ve put together a list of the Top Five areas in need of your support, and we’ve pointed out areas that resonate with a large number of our staff and faculty. However, Whitworth employees are encouraged to give to the areas that are most important to them. Perhaps you’d like to see your contribution go to academic departments, special student funds and/or other programs on campus. Please contact Whitworth Advancement Services at ext. 4343 to find the fund that matches your interests.

If your question isn't addressed here, please email the annual giving office.