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7960 IP Phone: Placing a "Meet Me" Call

  • The controller, using a 7940 or 7960 phone, picks up the handset or activates the speaker to get a dial tone.
  • The controller presses the More button on the phone to reveal the Meet Me key which he then presses.
  • At the beep the controller should dial the selected Meet Me extension...4838 or 4839 depending on the associated 800 number. See below.
  • The remaining participants dial the Meet Me number directly to join the conference.

    a) The 4-digit extension from a campus phone.
    b) 777 + the 4-digit extension from an off-campus local phone.
    c) One of the 1-800 numbers listed below for long distance.

  • A Meet Me number can be accessed via the Business Office (800.535.4668). The associated Meet Me number is 4838 and can be accessed by pressing 6 (M for Meet Me) when the Unity voicemail message begins on the 800 number. The caller will need to be informed of option 6 because there are no recorded instructions on the voicemail message to press 6 for a conference call.
  • A second Meet Me number can be accessed via Institutional Advancement and Alumni (800.532.4668). The associated Meet Me number is 4839 and can also be accessed by pressing option 6 when the Unity voicemail answers.