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Responsibilities & Agenda for Leadership

The Whitworth faculty, staff, and students look forward to supporting the efforts of the next provost/EVP as she or he continues to advance the mission of the university by:

  1. Embracing Whitworth's historic mission to provide an education of mind and heart, serving as a leader of the university's community of Christian scholars as Whitworth seeks to equip a diverse student body to "honor God, follow Christ and serve humanity."

  2. Leading wisely in an academic community that embraces – and sees as complementary – virtues that are often perceived to be in conflict, namely intellectual freedom and commitment to Christ, grace and truth, responsibility and freedom.

  3. Articulating the institution's academic vision and goals and supervising their implementation within in the context of the university's vision and strategic plan.

  4. Working collaboratively with the academic deans, helping to recruit, support, supervise and encourage strong faculty performance, as well as to support strong academic programs.

  5. Administering the university's academic division (including traditional undergraduate, continuing studies and graduate programs), encouraging excellent preparation of students as professionals and as responsible citizens of the world.

  6. Providing leadership that enhances Whitworth's sense of community while fostering just and trusting relationships across all differences, valuing diversity, and encouraging understanding between students, faculty, staff, administration and board members.

  7. Advocating for the professional growth and development of faculty as they seek to balance the competing demands of teaching, scholarship and service.

  8. Managing faculty and staff with wisdom, affirmation, encouragement, firmness and flexibility.

  9. Collaborating across divisional and institutional lines, helping to promote a culture that is communicative and mutually supportive.

  10. Representing the president as assigned, and performing the duties of the president in his/her absence.