Financial Aid

Researching Outside Scholarships

  1. START SEARCHING FOR SCHOLARSHIPS EARLY: Many deadlines for scholarship applications are due long before the academic year begins. December is generally a good time to start searching, although deadlines can vary by scholarship.

  2. CHECK WITH YOUR HIGH SCHOOL COUNSELOR: If you are an incoming freshman, check with your High School counselor about local scholarships that may be available and tips on applying.

  3. APPLY FOR LOCAL SCHOLARSHIPS: Look for less competitive scholarships. Find scholarship opportunities that are not nationally listed or are more localized. Your odds will increase with fewer applicants, giving you a better chance of receiving funds.

  4. CHECK WITH YOUR CHURCH: If you are church member, check into scholarship opportunities with your church. Whitworth has a Church Matching program that matches up to $500 of a church scholarship per academic year.

  5. CHECK WITH YOUR PARENTS' EMPLOYERS: Many employers have college scholarships or tuition reimbursement available. Check with your parents' employers to see if any scholarships or tuition reimbursement are offered and how to apply. Your odds will generally increase with these scholarships, as they are limited to employees and their families.

  6. THINK ABOUT OTHER ORGANIZATIONS YOUR FAMILY IS INVOLVED WITH: Check with any other organizations that you or your parents are affiliated with for scholarship opportunities. Sometimes you will be surprised that certain organizations have a scholarship program available.

  7. LOOK INTO DEPARTMENTAL SCHOLARSHIPS: Contact your department at Whitworth and inquire about departmental scholarships. Most departments offer some type of scholarship. Some of these are only available to upperclassmen, and some departmental scholarships are talent based and require a tryout.

  8. SCHOLARSHIPS: Whitworth University offers several endowment scholarships. The application is available on our web site in the fall and winter. The application deadline for continuing students is Jan. 31 and the deadline for incoming freshman is March 1. This single online application is accepted for all the endowed scholarships.

  9. SEARCH THE WHITWORTH DATABASE: Look at Whitworth's online outside scholarship page throughout the year. The web page is able to sort the scholarships by their deadline and only show you the scholarship applications that are due in the next 30 days.

  10. LOOK ON WEB SEARCH ENGINES: There are many search engines available on the Internet to find scholarships that may be applicable to you. We do not recommend that students use any engines that charge a fee for their use. Whitworth provides a list of web search engines that our students have found useful in the past on our scholarship website.