Financial Aid

Balance Your Bucs


To reach all students, in every major, on the Whitworth campus, and to educate them in all important areas of personal finance.

Who We Are

Balance Your Bucs is a student-led personal-finance group that seeks to provide a foundation for a lifetime of financial well-being for every student on campus. We offer two workshops every month to the Whitworth community on every level of personal finance.

Dedicated student mentors make this group successful. These mentors represent many majors across campus, but all share the passion of personal finance. Mentors attend a training session one week before each workshop to learn the materials and decide who will present the following week. This approach allows our group to connect students with personal mentors who are well-prepared and excited about answering financial questions. Anyone and everyone is welcome to become a Balance Your Bucs student mentor!

March Workshop

March 3rd
Identity Theft Workshop
   Taught by STCU Representative, Keith Appleton
   4-5 p.m. in ASWU Chambers
March 8th
Budgeting 101 Student Training
   4-5 p.m. in ASWU Chambers
March 17th
Budgeting 101 Workshop
   4-5 p.m. in ASWU Chambers

April Workshops

April 7th
Car Loans Workshop
   4-5 p.m. in ASWU Chambers
April 12th
Saving and Investing Student Training
   4-5 p.m. in ASWU Chambers
April 21st
Saving and Investing Workshop
   4-5 p.m. in ASWU Chambers

Past Workshops

Investing & Saving
Prevent Fraud & Identity Theft (workshop taught by an STCU representative)

Helpful Links
Links to managing money, consumer resources, investing, Whitworth library resources, and current personal finance news
Learn about all areas of finance, with explanations from the U.S. government. Multiple templates are available to customize and use.
Plug in numbers to multiple financial calculators and learn how to apply them to every area of finance.
We recommend creating a profile and downloading this app to your smartphone in order to track your finances and stick to a financial goal.
Become educated on every area of finance that you need to understand: i.e. privacy & identity, jobs and making money, homes & mortgages, loans and more.
Learn the basics of financial aid and how to approach it wisely.

Contact Us

If you have questions, want to get involved, and/or want to receive update emails, please contact one of the advisors listed below.

Faculty Advisor:
Robin Henager
Assistant Professor of Economics & Finance
Weyerhaeuser Hall, 310C                                  

Student Coordinator:
Zach Shuholm
Business Management
Class of 2016

Student Coordinator:
Abigail Fischer
Class of 2017

Marketing & PR Coordinator:
Cassidy Baumgartner
Business Management
Class of 2016

Financial Aid Representative:
Sarah Gill
Assistant Director of Financial Aid
McEachran Hall, Room 112

We are proudly sponsored and supported by STCU.