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Student Employment Opportunities

Visit WhitJobs to apply for available positions.

Facilities Services includes several departments, all of which utilize student employees in some capacity. Below is a brief overview of our departments.

All student employees of facilities services must be able to pass a background check, must have a good driving record (if a license is required by the job description) and must be willing to comply with all policies of the department, including dress code.

Most departments are willing to hire students with little to no experience with the job; reliable students willing to learn and advance will be given preference for term-to-term re-employment.

Hiring takes place primarily at the beginning of the school year and at the end (for summer staffing), though some vacancies occur mid-year. Please see WhitJobs for current openings.

Students working over the summer must participate in mandatory safety training, which typically begins at 7:30 a.m. on the first Monday of summer. If you are unable to attend this training, please don't apply.


To link to the job description for each area below, click on the department's name (Grounds, Trades, etc.).

Grounds: The grounds department maintains all campus landscaping & hardscaping, including lawncare, waste removal and arboretum care, snow removal, flowerbeds & irrigation systems as well as athletic fields. Depending on the season, there may be 6-14 students working on various crews. No experience is necessary, but a good driving record and physical fitness is important. If you would like to apply for a specific area of specialty within grounds (see bolded, above), please specify that somewhere on your application.

Custodial: The custodial department runs in shifts, most beginning at 6 a.m. Approximately 4 students assist. All classrooms, offices, restrooms and gathering places on campus are cleaned daily. Additionally, a student "carpet crew" specializes in floor cleaning, particularly during the summers. No driver's license is required. If you would like to apply specifically for carpet crew, please specify that somewhere on your application.

Delivery: Deliveries around campus and occasionally around Spokane, as well as event set-ups, are handled by this department, which employs 1-2 students. A good driving record and physical fitness are required.

Trades: HVAC, plumbing, electrical & general trades: Skilled staff members in each trade are assisted with campus repairs and projects by 1-2 students; experience is not required, but please indicate any preference or prior knowledge in this area when applying. If you would like to apply for a specific department within Trades, please specify that somewhere on your application.

Paint: The paint crew employs a few students during the school year but runs about 12 during the summer. All campus buildings are painted on a rotating schedule during school breaks, and many repairs are made throughout the year. No experience is required.

Vehicle Maintenance: All of the university's large equipment and fleet vehicles are maintained by a staff mechanic, assisted by one student employee. No experience necessary, but familiarity with motors is a plus. A good driving record is required.

Warehouse: Maintenance warehousing and parts pickups and deliveries throughout the Spokane area are handled by this department, which employs 1-2 students. A good driving record and physical fitness are required.

Office: Two-three students help provide office coverage and administrative assistance for all facilities services departments; tasks include reception duties, filing, processing paperwork & generating reports, and small errands. No experience is required.



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