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Work Request Contacts (by building, by department)

Last Name First Name Building Department
Dawson Kim Auditorium Theatre
McKnight Connie Chapel Chaplain Services
Ayers Kathryn Dixon School of Education
Fahlgren Nancy Dixon School of Education
Seidel Sarah Dixon School of Education
Gallagher Claudia Graves Gym Athletics
Roberg Crystal Hawthorne Continuing Studies
Wright Lori Hawthorne Continuing Studies
Davis Beth Hawthorne Institutional Advancement
Nicholson Janna Hawthorne Institutional Advancement
Daffe Vicki Hawthorne University Communications
Rutter Theresa Hill House Admissions/Enrollment Services
Info Desk   HUB ASWU
Yochum Linda HUB ASWU
Loomis Nancy HUB Bookstore
Connors Kim HUB Career Services
Watkins Leslie HUB Student Life
Berg Dori Johnston Science Physics, Math, Health & Computer Sciences
Daggy Vicki Library Information Systems
Brown Julie Library Library
Peterson Claire Lindaman Communication Studies, Forensics, Philosophy
Cleveland Gretchen McEachran Academic Affairs
Plopper Jeannie McEachran President's Office
Baker Mark McEachran Registrar's Office
Lack Joan Music Music
Swegle Loree Music Music
Brodrick Barbara Robinson Science Biology & Chemistry
Harris Debra Robinson Science Biology
Wylie Jack Robinson Science Chemistry
Holmes Kristiana Schumacher Student Health & Counseling Center
Christiansen Dee Anna Visual Arts Building Art
Toulouse-Lee Jennifer Westminster Athletics
Stillar Annie Westminster English
Moo Stacey Westminster World Languages & Cultures
Stierwalt Debbie Westminster Theology
Wakefield Bonnie Weyerhaeuser History
Shaw Alisha Weyerhaeuser History / School of Business
Tucker Tara Weyerhaeuser School of Business

Please e-mail Suzanne Sherman with any questions or corrections.

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