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Facilities Services Strategic Plan

To foster an inspirational environment to honor God and serve humanity.

Serving the Whitworth community today… Sustaining our campus for tomorrow.

Core Values
Health & Safety

Goals & Objectives (as of May 2014)

1. Deliver high-quality service that exceeds customer expectations.

  1. Provide timely communication to customers during the work order process
  2. Provide & promote a web-based feedback forum
  3. Set and track goals for work-order completion
  4. Set and track Quality Assurance Program goals

2. Provide an atmosphere of professionalism.

  1. Properly equip & maintain working areas to maximize efficiency
  2. Allocate budget to promote training/licensing/certifications
  3. Develop a comprehensive facilities & equipment preventive maintenance program
  4. Reinforce apparel and conduct requirements for employees as needed
  5. Continue to educate & equip employees to follow best safety practices

3. Value each employee.

  1. Empower employees to make putting Safety First a priority
  2. Recognize excellence
  3. Provide formal feedback for each employee annually
  4. Provide informal feedback daily
  5. Provide and promote regular opportunities for peer recognition

4. Communicate effectively with all stakeholders.

  1. Conduct and analyze an annual survey of Facilities Services customers
  2. Provide activity reports to next-level supervisors weekly
  3. Proactively provide resource requirements to business office and trustees
  4. Report annual accomplishments to board of trustees
  5. Provide timely and informative campus communications regarding maintenance activities
  6. Maintain and distribute Emergency Response protocols

5. Create and maintain a sustainable campus.

  1. Implement an energy policy & encourage campus-wide participation
  2. Develop renewable-energy projects to comply with the Presidential Climate Commitment
  3. Promote & support campus & community sustainability programs
  4. Distribute Building Energy Guide & educate users
  5. Share energy use information & conservation goals with campus constituents
  6. Retrofit all campus lighting for more energy efficiency by summer 2014
  7. Comply with the State's Water Use Efficiency rule  by 2017

6. Constantly assess facilities infrastructure.

  1. Continue to assess & update VFA database of facilities requirements annually
  2. Conduct & report evaluations of building cleanliness
  3. Publish designated grounds/event areas to university website
  4. Populate APPA Facility Performance Indicators Survey by end of 2014


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