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Withdrawal Process and Tuition Refund Schedule

Whether you are withdrawing from Whitworth or are dropping classes, the following is pertinent information you will need to know.

All refunds of available tuition and fees (see schedule below for percentages) must be claimed through proper application to the Whitworth Student Accounting Services Office. Students must secure the form from the Whitworth Registrar's Office for class drops and withdrawals. The date the form is received by the registrar's office will be used to establish the refund/withdrawal dates. A student who officially drops or withdraws from classes during the course of the term is eligible for an adjustment of charges as follows:

Traditional Semester and 12-Week Session Refund Schedule:
Withdrawal/Drop Refund* Applicable To
First Week 100 percent Tuition and fees
Second Week 90 percent Tuition and fees
Third Week 80 percent Tuition, no fees
Fourth Week 60 percent Tuition, no fees
Fifth Week 40 percent Tuition, no fees
Sixth and Seventh Week 25 percent Tuition, no fees
Eighth Week 0 percent Tuition, no fees

This schedule also applies to tuition overload fees as well as room and board charges.


Accelerated Format Courses Refund Schedule, Nine-Week Sessions:

Applicable To
Up to 8th day of session
100 percent
Up to 15th day of session
80 percent
Up to 36th day of session
40 percent
After 5th week of class
0 percent

Accelerated Format Courses Refund Schedule, Six-Week Sessions:

Applicable To
Up to 8th day of session 100 percent Tuition
Up to 15th day of session 80 percent Tuition
Up to 22nd day of session 40 percent Tuition
No refunds given after 3rd week of class. 0 percent Tuition

*Refund policy is tied to the first Monday of each six-week session. For example, if your session runs May 7-
June 15, you have until 6 p.m. on Monday, May 14, to receive a 100-percent refund.

Withdrawal Process

In order to avoid charges to his/her student account, the student must notify the Whitworth Registrar's Office regarding withdrawal or cancellation of enrollment from Whitworth before the beginning of the term. All withdrawals and cancellations made after the beginning of the term must follow the withdrawal process established by the registrar's office. Refund calculations will be made as outlined above.

Submission of registration/withdrawal forms to Whitworth University obligates the student for payment of applicable tuition and fees, including a 1.5 percent per month finance charge that may be assessed on unpaid balances (including finance charges previously assessed), as well as any subsequent collection expenses and fees, and implies acceptance of the university's financial policies. It is the student's responsibility to pay his/her bill timely and to ensure that his/her registration/withdrawal is correctly processed throughout the term. Please be aware that billing rates might change if your registration status changes. Students with financial aid that is not finalized or with account balances that have not been adequately covered by a payment plan by the end of the first month of the semester may be withdrawn from the university.

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