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Water Aerobics

Aquatic exercise is more fun, more comfortable, and more effective than any fitness activity you can do on land. Why exercise in water? Since water offers much more resistance than air, swimming and other forms of aquatic exercise are great for all three major fitness areas:
  • Cardiovascular: It's as efficient as bicycling for forcing the heart and lungs to pump oxygen; just standing in neck-deep water stimulates circulation so that the heart pumps about 32 percent more blood.
  • Flexibility: It involves long, stretching movements.
  • Strength: The resistance of water enhances muscle tone and strength.

When immersed in water, you're virtually free of gravity and the stress it places on your skeletal, respiratory, digestive and circulatory systems. It's the ultimate no-impact workout, and because pool water is typically about 15 degrees cooler than your body, you don't have to worry about overheating. (Be sure to stay hydrated by drinking liquids before/during your workout.) When you're exercising in a cooler environment, your muscles require more energy to work; so you burn more fat than in most land-based programs. No matter what type of exercise you're looking for – aerobics, strength training, physical therapy or weight loss – aquatic exercise is an enjoyable and highly accessible outlet for lifelong satisfaction.

Patty Murphy, Instructor (Arthritis Foundation Certified, USWFA and AEA Certified, Igor Burdenko-Sports/Therapy Institute Certified)
Assistant Director, Whitworth Aquatics Center
Whitworth Adjunct Faculty
Phone: 509.777.4735

General cost is $7 per person per visit or twelve visits for $60.00.
Senior/Alumni cost is $6 per person per visit or twelve visits for $55.00
Couples Cost: $100.00 for 12 twelve visit passes
Student/Faculty/Staff: No Charge-Must show Whitworth ID

*Public water aerobics do not follow the university calendar, as this is a year-long, ongoing program. Please check with instructor on class closure dates or call the water aerobics hotline at 509.777.4735 to confirm class schedules.


Monday-Friday: 9-10 a.m.
M-W-F: Deep-water programs
Tuesday-Thursday:  Shallow-water programs

Monday-Friday: 7:30-8:30 a.m.
M-W-F: Deep-water programs
Tuesday-Thursday: Shallow-water programs