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Spending & Reporting

Methods and source documents used to spend funds are the same as those used by the university. All spending must follow established university policy. Refer to the Business Office section of the Support Services Guide. All expenditures must be approved by the Sponsored Programs Office before they are submitted to the Business Office.

  • Grant Approval Chargebacks Form (PDF)
    This is the form used to get approval to purchase goods and services with grant funds from campus facilities such as the Print Shop, Mailing Services, Bookstore, Publications, and Facilities Services. These expenditures must be approved in advance by submitting the completed form to the Sponsored Programs Office.

  • Honorarium/Stipend Form (MS Excel)
    This is a Business Office form specially designed for paying honorariums and stipends.

  • Invoices
    These can be marked "okay to pay," with budget number and PI signature. No other form is required to pay invoices.

  • Purchase Order
    Purchase orders are generated online in Datatel for purchases over $2000. All POs should be forwarded to Lynn Noland for approval.

  • Purchasing Card/Purchasing Log Sheet
    The university purchasing card may be used for purchases with grant funds. Use the same procedure used for university purchases, but use the grant budget number. The PI signs for the purchase unless the card is in the name of the PI. In that case, the log will be signed by Lynn Noland.

  • Purchase Reimbursement (MS Excel)
    Use this form for purchases made with personal funds that should come from grant funds.

  • Request for Transfer of Expenditures (PDF)

  • Salary
    This expenditure is initiated by the Sponsored Programs Office and monitored by the Human Resources Office. This includes contracted services for teaching. All searches to fill positions to be paid with grant funds should go through the Whitworth Human Resources Office.

  • Travel Reimbursement (MS Excel)
    Use this Business Office form to report and receive reimbursement associated with grant related travel. Receipts are required for all expenses, and Whitworth policy must be followed for all travel.

Grant Funds
The PI is expected to keep a log of every grant expenditure and a copy of the source document that is submitted for that expenditure. Every month the Sponsored Programs office will send an electronic report of the grant account showing the grant expenditures that have been paid up to that date.

Matching Funds
If the grant has matching funds from the university or another source, the PI is expected to keep track of those expenditures. Refer to the grant budget, which will show matching funds and their source. The PI is required to keep documentation showing each expenditure from another source that supports the grant project.