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Categories December 2007

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  • New Grant Awards
  • Rhosetta Rhodes - $17,500 from Campus Compact for the development of a student run philanthropy. $15,000 into the giving fund and $2,500 for administration. Students in the Bonner Leader program will pilot this project with student in Joe Vigil's organizational communications course. Once the pilot is complete, Communication Studies will develop curriculum for a course on philanthropy and fundraising that will sustain the project.
  • The FISH Foundation (Funding Initiatives for Spiritual Health) has awarded the college a total of $150,000 for three campus initiatives: Act Six (books and travel grants), Service Learning (program support), and the East Africa Initiative (Jan term feasibility study in Tanzania). Many thanks to Bonnie Robinson for inviting the foundation principals to campus.

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Humanities Back to the Top 

  • Smithsonian Research Scholarships, Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars
    Scholars in the early stages of their career (before tenure) or scholars whose careers have been interrupted or delayed. Research proposals examinig the countries of Central Eurasia and eligible. Those proposals related to regional Russia, Ukraine, Central Asia, Belarus, the Caucuses, and comtemporary issues are particularly welcome. Stipend of $3,000/month and research facilities, clerical support, and some research assistance. Residency at the Institute is required.
    Website: http://www.wilsoncenter.org
  • Council on Social Work Education Scholars Program
    This program is designed to provide both senior and junior schoalrs the opportunity to work on research projects or programmatic initiatives of their choosing and in line with CSWE priorities. Temporary relocation to Virginia is preferred, length and intensity is negotiable. The Scholars program espcially seeks social work faculty with sabbatical funding for senior scholars and junior faculty with some financial support.
  • Website: CSWE: CSWE Scholars Program
  • Alexander von Humboldt, Transatlantic Cooperation in Research (TransCoop)
    Will fund up to half of the cost of a new collaborative project, such as a joint study, critical edition or seed money for an international conference, up to a mzx of EUR 45.000 over three years. Applications must be submitted jointly by at least one German and one U.S. scholars. US funds must cover the balance.
    Deadlines: April 30, October 31.
  • Association for the Sociology of Religion, Fichter Research Grant Competition
    Seeks to advance theory and research in the sociology of religion. Two Areas: 1) women and religion, gender issues, and feminist perspectives on religion; 2) race and ethnicity.
    Schoalrs at the beginning of their careers are particularly encouraged to apply.
    Deadline: March 1, 2008

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Sabbatical Opportunities Back to the Top 

  • Louisville Institute, Christian Faith and Life Sabbatical Grants
    Projects that will advance the ethical, liturgical, and doctrinal wisdom of the Christian faith into closer relation to the daily lives of practicing Christians and describe more fully how the Christian fiath is actually lived by contemporary Christians of various ages, circumstances and traditions.
    Deadline: 1/15/07

  • The Kellogg Insittue for International Studies at Notre Dame Visiting Fellowships
    Comparative international research. One semester or possibly one academic year.
    Deadline November 2, 2007

Science, Computer Science, & Mathematics Back to the Top 
  • Mathematical Association of America, Tensor-Summa Foundation Program
    Grants of up to $6,000 for projects designed to encourag pursuit nad enjoyment of mathematics among middle shcool students, high school students, and/or beginning college sutdents from groups traditionally underrepresented in the field of mathematics. Collaborations with secondary and middle school mathematics fauclty as appropriate depending on the focus of the project. Programs should provide enrichment activities which lead to heightened interest in and approciation of mathematics.
    Deadline: February 12, 2008
    Website: http://www.maa.org

Social Sciences
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Students Back to the To
  • National Institute of Standards and Technology, Summer Undergraudate Research Fellowships
    Hands on research experience in on of NIST's measurement and standards laboratories.
    Stipends, howing allowance and travel allotments (as needed). Funding comes via a federal grant issued to the school. Students in the full 11 week program will receive a $4,000 stipend.
    Students should have a scientific major, a GPA of 3.0/4.) or better, intend to pursue a Ph.D.
    Deadline: February 15, 2008
    Website: http://www.surf.nist.gov/surf2.htm

Women Back to the Top 
  • AAUW Community Action Grants

One-year grants ($2,000-$7,000) provde seed money for new projects. Topic areas are not restricted, but should include a clearly defined activity that promotes education and equity for women and girls.

Two-year grants ($5,000-$10,000) provide startup funds for longer-term programs that address the particular needs of the community and develop girls' sense of efficacy through leadership or advocacy opportunities. Topic areas are unrestricted, but should include a clearly defined activity that promotes education and equity for women and girls.
Grant projects muct have direct public impact.
Deadlines: January 15, 2008
AAUW Website