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How to Find a Funding Source

Do it yourself
The Sponsored Programs office maintains a subscription to the IRIS database. From your Whitworth computer, you can search this database using keywords. This search engine will only work on your office computer, it will not work remotely from home. Just follow this link: www.libary.uiuc.edu/iris while you are there, take a moment to fill out a form to get your name into their Expertise database.

No time to do it yourself? Then let SPO help you
SPO searches in two ways:

Re-active Search
If you have a specific project that you want to fund, fill out the search request form in this section. Sponsored Programs will conduct a specialized search for you and make recommendations for possible funding sources.

Pro-active Search
Schedule an appointment with SPO to discuss your overall interests. SPO searches a variety of print and internet sources on a regular basis and will keep your project in mind. If a grant seems applicable, SPO will forward a synopsis of the grant to you for review. If you are interested, contact SPO and they will obtain more detailed information for you, or you can go to the link provided by SPO and research further yourself.

SPO produces an electronic grants bulletin, which contains announcements and grant opportunities with links to the funding agency.

This bulletin comes to you in e-mail form.

Past copies are stored in this section of the web page.