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2015-16 Writing Consultants

Kaitlin Barnes, '17

Major: English (writing track), philosophy

Expertise: English papers, thesis statements, outlining

Other Powers: Quoting movies, drinking lots of coffee


Connor Bichler, '17

Major: Health science

Expertise: Creative writing, pre-writing/brainstorming, writing in the sciences

Other Powers: Walking through walls but falling through floors


Kaylen Blue, '17

Major: Elementary education, English minor

Expertise: Organization, visual rhetoric, and thesis statements

Other Powers: Dancing, impressions, song-lyric memorization


Cam Call, '16

Major: Biochemistry, philosophy minor

Expertise: Scientific writing/lab reports, résumés, cover letters, visual rhetoric/design

Other Powers: Adobe InDesign, levitation


Jessica Clements (Director)

Bachelor’s Degree: Capital University

Master’s Degree: The Ohio State University

Ph.D.: Purdue University

Expertise: Rhetoric and composition; public rhetorics and rhetoric, technology, digital writing

Other Powers: Mother of two and video game guru


Hannah Cobb, '16

Major: English (literature track), theology

Expertise: Creative writing, literary analysis, theology papers

Other Powers: Knitting, puns, sarcasm


Danny Cossey, '16

Majors: English, sociology

Expertise: Organization/pre-writing, argumentative writing,grant proposals

Other Powers: Cheesy pick-up lines, drinking lots of water


Katie Cunningham, '16

Major: English (literature track)

Expertise: Argumentative support, grammar, creative writing

Other Powers: Harry Potter trivia


Izze Ginley, ’16  (Technical Manager)

Major: English (literature & writing tracks)

Expertise: Pre-writing/organization, understanding prompts/addressing audiences, visual rhetoric/design

Other Powers: Playing volleyball, baking scones


Kelli Hennessey, ’15  (Task Force Supervisor)

Bachelor’s Degree: English (literature track), medieval and early modern studies minor

Graduate Program: Whitworth MIT

Expertise: APA/MLA/Chicago styles, research, professional documents (résumés, cover letters, applications)

Other Powers: Pie-baking, making sweaters


Niki Kallestad, '17

Major: Cross-cultural studies (emphasis in political science) 

Expertise: Thesis help, political science papers, pre-writing/organization

Other Powers: Creativity, tenacity, fluency in Spanish 


Addy Koneval, '16

Major: Communication studies

Expertise: Résumés, cover letters, thesis-writing, rhetorical analysis

Other Powers: Extensive knowledge of Disney movies


Christopher Pieper, '17

Major: English (literature track), theology, medieval studies minor

Expertise: MLA style, literary analysis, theology papers, organization

Other Powers: Drumming, German, soccer


Katie Shaw, '17

Major: English (writing track), computer science, Spanish minor

Expertise: AP & MLA style, journals, résumés

Other Powers: Adobe InDesign, poetry, making and eating caramel popcorn


Sami Starkey, '16

Major: English (literature & writing tracks)

Expertise: Creative writing, thesis writing, organization/outlining

Other Powers: Creative writing, poetry editing


Elise Stoner, '17

Major: Graphic design

Expertise: Addressing the audience, visual rhetoric and design

Other Powers: Baking cinnamon rolls, photography


Drew Swanson, '17

Major: History/social studies (secondary education track)

Expertise: Researched-based and conceptual/theory-based arguments, organization

Other Powers: Extensive video-game knowledge


Audrey Strohm, ’16 (Training and Outreach Coordinator)

Major: English (literature track), philosophy minor

Expertise: Professional documents, introductory writing, constructing arguments

Other Powers: Enthusiasm!


Lauren Trittin, '17

Major: Psychology & theology

Expertise: Organization, word choice, & planning argument construction 

Other Powers: Baking (particularly chocolate chip cookies), quoting movies/books, listening to people


Catherine Tucker, '16

Major: English (writing track)

Expertise: Understanding the prompt, thesis statements, brainstorming, pre-writing

Other Powers: Netflix, speaking French


Josh Tuttle, '17

Major: English (writing track) and computer science

Expertise: Sentence structure and grammar, fiction writing, literary analysis

Other Powers: Leading tours of haunted graveyards, driving an M1 Abrams tank


Anna Waltar, ’18 (Spanish Language Writing Consultant)

Major: Theology, Spanish minor

Expertise: Spanish-language writing help, thesis statements, Core 150 papers

Other Powers: Reading long novels, drinking lots of tea


Katie Waltar, '16

Major: English (literature track), theology

Expertise: Literary analysis, theology papers, creative writing

Other Powers: Subtle wit, scone-making, joy


Ashley Winslow, '17

Major: International business & economics

Expertise: Understanding the prompt, business/professional writing, and presentations

Other Powers: Playing tennis, high-fiving, awkward dancing