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2016-17 Writing Consultants

Angela Baik, '19
Major: English (writing track), graphic design 
Expertise: Visual rhetoric, personal narratives, creative writing
Other Powers: Functioning with little-to-no sleep, quoting Shakespeare, waiting patiently for Kingdom Hearts 3 since 2005

Kaitlin Barnes, '17
Major: English (writing track), philosophy
Expertise: English papers, thesis statements, outlining
Other Powers: Quoting movies, drinking lots of coffee

Hannah Barre, '19
Major: Accounting
Expertise: Résumés, rhetorical analysis, argumentative support
Alexandra Begley, '19 (Training and Outreach Coordinator)
Major: English (writing track), editing and publishing minor
Expertise: grammar, introductions and conclusions, creative writing

Natalie Benner, '19
Major: Biology, two-dimensional art
Expertise: prewriting/brainstorming, organization, visual rhetoric
Other Powers: Finding four-leaf clovers, talking in rhymes

Kaylen Blue, '17
Major: Elementary education, English minor
Expertise: Organization, visual rhetoric, thesis statements
Other Powers: Dancing, impressions, song-lyric memorization

Melissa Osorio Brizuela, '19 (Spanish Language Writing Consultant)
Major: Economics
Expertise: Spanish essays, brainstorming
Other Powers: Spanish, Netflix, eating

Devon Clements, '18
Major: English (literature track), philosophy
Expertise: Literary analysis, philosophical response, creative writing
Other Powers: Watching movies, having existential crises

Jessica Clements (Director)
Bachelor’s Degree: Capital University
Master’s Degree: The Ohio State University
Ph.D.: Purdue University
Expertise: Rhetoric and composition; public rhetorics and rhetoric, technology, digital writing
Other Powers: Mother of two, video game guru

Gavin Davis, '17
Major: English (literature track), theology and medieval and early modern studies minors
Expertise: thesis statements, literary criticism, theology papers, argumentation
Other Powers: Tolkien scholar; bagpipes, banjo, and accordion player

Ciara Fletcher, '17
Major: Biology, English minor
Expertise: Science writing, literary analysis, visual rhetoric and design
Other Powers:  Intense focus, ridiculous puns, fantastic hugs 

Izze Ginley, MIT ‘17 (Project Manager)
Bachelor’s Degree: Whitworth University (English, literature and writing tracks)
Expertise: Prewriting/organization, understanding prompts/addressing audiences, visual rhetoric/design
Other Powers: Baking scones

Scott Howland, '17
Major: Computer science
Expertise: Multimodal rhetoric, logical sequencing, rhetorical tailoring
Other powers: Deep learning, animal trivia

Courtney Murphy, '18
Major: English (writing track), theology and environmental studies minors
Expertise: Creative nonfiction, literary analysis, understanding prompts
Other Powers: Drinking too much coffee, vegan baking

Eamonn Neff, '18
Major: English (writing track)
Expertise: Creative writing, autobiographical writing, comedy
Other Powers: Double jointedness, badly executed magic

Angie Peng, '18
Major: English (writing track), music minor
Expertise: Paper organization, creative writing, sentence structure
Other Powers: Sleeping anywhere/anytime, making planners, Chinese fluency

Katie Shaw, '17
Major: English (writing track), computer science and Spanish minors
Expertise: AP style, MLA style, journalism, résumés, grammar
Other Powers: Adobe InDesign, making and eating caramel popcorn, Harry Potter

Elise Stoner, '17
Major: Graphic design
Expertise: Addressing the audience, visual rhetoric and design
Other Powers: Baking cinnamon rolls, photography

Drew Swanson, '17 (Technical Manager)
Major: History/social studies (secondary education track)
Expertise: Researched-based and conceptual/theory-based arguments, organization
Other Powers: Extensive video-game knowledge

Ashley Winslow, '17 (Task Force Supervisor)
Major: International business, economics
Expertise: Résumés, professional papers, business writing, outlining/brainstorming, presentations
Other Powers: High-fiving, existing w/o sleep, interpretative dancing


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