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Inland Northwest Service-Learning Partnership (INSLP)

INSLP is an intercollegiate collaborative resource designed by and for the faculty, staff, students, and community agencies in service-learning partnerships with Eastern Washington University, Gonzaga University, Spokane Community College, Spokane Falls Community College, Spokane Public Schools, Washington State University (Spokane) and Whitworth University.

INSLP offers a number of services to agencies in Spokane that use Service-Learning students as volunteers. The partnership organizes trainings, in collaboration with DOVIA, the Directors of Volunteers in Agencies association of Spokane. INSLP has also worked to standardize all paperwork in Service-Learning across Spokane colleges and universities, so that agencies will have a common experience working with students from any institution. Agencies are warmly welcomed to attend INSLP meetings and training sessions.

INSLP Contacts:  
Eastern Washington University Office of Community Engagement 509.359.2792
Gonzaga University Center for Community Engagement and Service Learning 509.313.6824
Spokane Falls Community College Community Engagement Services 509.533.3522 x17-105
Washington State University Spokane Student Affairs 509.358.7978
Whitworth University Center for Service-Learning & Community Engagement 509. 777.4685


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