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Catalog for the minor

HI 101: The Mediterranean World
History of the Mediterranean World introduces ancient Greece and Rome, the Byzantine Empire, and early Islam in Spain, Italy, North Africa, and the the Middle East, using contemporary film and primary source research.

HI 102 The Pacific World
One of four courses in world history, Pacific World introduces China as the focal point of a network of trade and culture that includes the Asian steppes, India, and the rise of Japan, Korea and Vietnam.

EL247: Shakespeare
Survey of Shakespeare's poetry, comedies, tragedies, histories, and romances. Learn via studying, watching, and performing plays. No prerequisites.

EL 207: British Literature Before 1800
British literature from the Anglo-Saxon period through the Renaissance and the 18th century. Major period characteristics, authors, and representative works.

HI 315: Medieval Europe
Caesar through Charlemagne: European civilization in the first through the eighth centuries will be investigated, with an emphasis on ideas and institutions such as the medieval papacy, feudalism and the concept of Christendom.

HI 345: Cultural History of China and Japan
Illustrates how cultural heritage can explain the current behavior and character of the Chinese and Japanese. Religions, philosophies, arts, politics, and social organizations as basic elements of Asian culture.

HI 364: Medieval Russia: Mongols and Madmen
Survey of Russian civilization up to 1600. Evolution of the tsarist state from its roots in Byzantine and Mongol autocracies, through the reign of Ivan the Terrible and following the Time of Troubles. Emphasis on culture and religion.

EL 238/338 Arthurian Literature
Traces the development of the Arthurian legend from its earliest appearance in chronicles through narrative romance, focusing on medieval texts.

EL 371W British Renaissance
English literature of the 16th and 17th centuries (e.g., Spenser, Sidney, Marlowe, Donne, Herbert).

EL 404: Anglo-Saxon Literature and Culture
Study of Anglo-Saxon poetry and prose in historical and cultural contexts, including a brief introduction of Old English grammar and translation.

EL 405W: Chaucer and Medieval Literature
Study of Chaucer, with emphasis on Canterbury Tales in Middle English. Other medieval works such as Langland and the romances will be studied.

PH 308: History of Medieval Philosophy
Survey of a number of philosophers, including Jewish and Islamic thinkers; particular attention to Augustine, Anselm, Aquinas, and William of Ockham. Participation and discussion will constitute vital aspects of the class. Fulfills the humanities requirement.

HI 425: Holy War in Europe
Begins with the Crusades and flourishes during the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, long known as "The Age of Religious Warfare." A survey of propaganda and context for conflicts in England, Germany, France and the Netherlands.

Off-Campus Studies

British Isles Study Program
In this semester study-abroad opportunity, students absorb British history, literature and politics while traveling through Great Britain and Ireland. Students stay in college dorms, youth hostels, and B&Bs.

Literary London Program
Literary London is a five-week summer program with Gonzaga University that combines academic coursework with living in London. For more information see

Visit the Off-Campus Studies site for a list of all such programs offered by Whitworth University.

Students wishing to study abroad may, of course, use programs from any academic discipline as part of this interdisciplinary minor. Courses taken during a term or year as an exchange student must be approved by the directors. Such programs should cover at least part of the germane time period (roughly 400 C.E. to 1650) and should focus on the theme of survival or continuation of any aspect of medieval culture into the modern period.