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A Message from the Director

I am excited about directing the Whitworth Honors Program because I was fortunate enough to take honors courses at my alma mater, U.C. Berkeley, and I recall the deep impact of my classes, classmates, and professors. I remember the smaller classes, collaborative group projects, acting out Shakespeare scenes, and laughing a lot. And, after many years, I still remember what I learned in those classes, and I still draw upon those experiences as a guide to my teaching.

I want students to feel as passionate as I am about what we're learning together; I want students to learn through their own creative processes. It takes creativity to engage texts new and old. It takes creativity to solve problems in a lab. It takes creativity to bring textbook learning and collaborative processes to real-world problems.

I think of teaching and learning as performative arts of discovery – for both professors and students. When I think of the George F. Whitworth Honors Program, I don't like to think of it as something teachers offer for elite or high-achieving students. Rather, I think of our honors courses in terms of the creativity that both students and professors put into each class. I like to think about learning that fully engages the mind and heart in the creative process of discovery – through the lens of a specific discipline or an interdisciplinary approach – and transforms the way we understand the world.

Doug Sugano
Professor of English
Director of Honors Program