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Benefits of the Program

  • New courses designed especially for the program

  • Smaller courses

  • Opportunities for individual or small-group research or creative projects

  • Opportunities to attend regional conferences

  • Service opportunities for the campus and for the community

  • Special study-abroad and international-internship programs available through IES (go to www.IESabroad.com for more information)

  • Advising available for upper-division, graduate school, and professional school fellowships

  • Peer mentoring (Pirate Peers) for incoming honors first-year students

  • Priority registration for honors courses

  • Social events for honors students

  • Special regional internships available through Whitworth alums

  • To complement the objectives of high-impact learning, students benefit from a network of Whitworth alumni who have not only built successful careers in a variety of industries, but who also often act as mentors for current students. These alums play a crucial role by sharing their experiences and offering guidance to students as they navigate the work world.

    Students often have opportunities to interact with alumni employed by the following companies:

    • Amazon
    • Boeing
    • Intel
    • Liberty Mutual
    • Microsoft
    • Nike
    • Smithsonian Institution
    • Wells Fargo