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Study-Abroad Opportunities

The AT Program encourages students to study abroad during their time at Whitworth. As a healthcare professional program, opportunities for full semester study abroad may be limited by course sequencing. However, several shorter study abroad opportunities exist during Jan-term or May-term.

Two opportunities specific to Athletic Training majors include a Health Sciences trip to Costa Rica, and a Seminar in Sports Medicine in Japan. Additional study abroad courses open to all Whitworth students can be found on the Off-Campus Studies website.

The Health Sciences trip to Costa Rica typically runs bi-annually during Jan-term (odd years) and requires one year of Spanish language proficiency. The Health Sciences Costa Rica Trip includes;

  • Medical Spanish course
  • Medial internships experience in a Costa Rica healthcare facility
  • Home stays with a Costarican family
  • Weekend trips to the beach (e.g. Puerto Viejo, Tárcoles)
  • Attending a local soccer game
  • Visiting various tourist sights (e.g. coffee plantation, Volan Poas)

The “Seminar in Sports Medicine: Japan” exposes students to a comparative analysis of Eastern and Western philosophies of athletic health care. This course generally runs every third year during May term (next trip May 2016). Past tours have included visits to:

  • Nobuhara Orthopedic Hospital
  • Meiji School of Oriental Medicine
  • Asics Biomechanics Lab
  • Mizuno Human Performance Division
  • Peace Memorial Museum in Hiroshima
  • The ancient Cities of Kyoto and Nara
  • Weekend homestays with Japanese families
  • Hanshin Tigers Professional baseball team

Admitted students should discuss study abroad opportunities and scheduling with their academic advisor and the AT Program Director, Dr. Cynthia Wright.