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Dr. James P. Evans Athletic Training Center
The Dr. James P. Evans Athletic Training Center includes the Ben B. Cheney Treatment Center and faculty offices. The entire facility is designed and equipped with technologically advanced equipment. The facility has modern therapeutic modalities, a hydrotherapy center, and a functional rehabilitation center. Also included in this space is a computer lab for exclusive use of athletic training students.

Human Performance Lab
The Human Performance Lab is housed in the Eric Johnston Science Building. This facility is used by several courses within Athletic Training major to provide students with experiential opportunities in exercise physiology, biomechanics, fitness prescription, and basic health sciences.  These opportunities include instruction and practice with basic medical and advanced research equipment in labs, student-led original research projects, and application of fitness prescription and rehabilitation concepts with peer and campus populations.  

Athletic Training Lab/Classroom
The Athletic Training Lab is housed in the Eric Johnston Science Building, adjacent to the Human Performance Lab. This laboratory classroom is dedicated to the Athletic Training program, and includes 13 treatment tables for practicing hands-on patient care skills. The Athletic Training Lab is well-stocked with equipment and supplies necessary for practicing athletic training skills such as taping, bandaging, first aid, CPR, and orthopedic evaluation.

Athletic Training Facility

Athletic Training Facility