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Becoming a Certified Athletic Trainer

Athletic trainers are unique healthcare providers who specialize in the prevention, emergency care, clinical diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of injuries and medical conditions. Athletic trainers collaborate with physicians to optimize activity and participation of patients and clients.

Individuals who want to become certified athletic trainers must...

  1. earn a degree from a CAATE-accredited athletic training curriculum. The Whitworth Athletic Training Program is CAATE-accredited. 
  2. pass the national certification exam, called the Board of Certification (BOC) exam. Students typically take this during spring of their senior year or right after graduation.
  3. obtain state licensure, registration or certification (as applicable). Each state has individual laws regulating the practice of athletic training. For example, in Washington state the primary requirement to become a licensed athletic trainer is to be BOC=certified. Most states have a similar requirement.

Passing the BOC exam is the only way to become a certified athletic trainer (professional credentials: ATC). Our accredited athletic training program is designed to prepare students thoroughly to complete the BOC exam and achieve their goals of becoming certified athletic trainers. And we believe that our BOC exam results showcase the success of this preparation.

Our graduating cohorts from the past three years (2011-13) include 33 students who took the BOC exam. Thirty students (94 percent) passed the exam on the first attempt, which is much higher than the national first-time pass rate of approximately 75 percent! Ninety-seven percent of our students passed the BOC exam on subsequent attempts. We’re proud of our students' past success, and we look forward to their professional careers as certified athletic trainers!