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Alumni Achievements

At Whitworth AT Program, we are extremely proud of our alumni. More than 119 graduates have finished our program since our initial accreditation in 1999, and we have many more alumni from before that time. Many of our graduates continue to practice athletic training healthcare. Others use their athletic training background to prepare for a career in another healthcare profession, teaching, fitness, or graduate school. The following are a small sample of careers pursued by Whitworth athletic training alumni:

  • Nate Gonzalez, ’11, athletic trainer at Boeing/Work-Fit
  • Andrew Hamstra, ’11, graduate assistant athletic trainer at Boise State University
  • Peter Clark, ’08, athletic trainer at Gonzaga University
  • Dawn Bolos-Morales, ’04, teacher and athletic trainer at Richland High School
  • Jenn Stueckle, ’99, athletic trainer at University of Washington
  • Cameron Collings, ’06, physician assistant at Wenatchee Orthopaedics
  • Jodi Baker, ’97, faculty and ATEP director at University of the Pacific
  • Elaina Stubb, ’03, physical therapist with Brighton Rehabilitation
  • Melinda Larson, ’92, athletic trainer at Whitworth University

In general, employment settings for our alumni include the following:

  • Secondary school athletic trainers and/or teachers
  • College and university athletic trainers and faculty
  • Clinical, corporate and industrial settings:
    • Examples include physical therapy clinics, physicians' offices and industrial injury prevention programs
  • Graduate assistantships: 
    • Our alumni have attended graduate schools including University of Idaho, Boise State University, Seattle University, Montana State University, Washington State University, Oregon Health Sciences University, University of Oregon, University of Utah, University of Washington, Virginia Commonwealth University, Texas State University-San Marcos, and more.
  • Other possible healthcare professions for athletic training grads, following additional schooling:
    • Examples of alumni professions include registered nurse, physicians assistant, physical therapist, acupuncturist, chiropractor, and massage therapist