Lilly Vocation Grant
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About the Program

"Vocation is not the exceptional prerogative of a few specially good or gifted people ... All men and women are called to serve God." -- F.R. Barry

Completing the Vision: Sustaining the Commitment to the Theological Exploration of Vocation at Whitworth University

Whitworth's vision for theological exploration of vocation is to endorse that all students, staff, and faculty not only understand that this initiative is an important element of the experience at Whitworth University, but show evidence of thoughtful reflection on vocational issues. The goal is that theological exploration of vocation becomes a permanent part of what defines the core educational mission of the university. Specifically, the university wants its faculty, staff, and students to understand that the concept of vocation in Whitworth's context is grounded in theological vocabulary. In order to make it a permanenet part of the core experience, the Sustainability Grant will enable Whitworth to continue the training of faculty and staff in the essential elements of vocational discernment. The Sustainability Grant will enable the university to integrate more fully vocational elements into the general education curriculum as well as in the context of academic majors. Finally, the Sustainabiltiy Grant will enable the university to ensure that its key co-curricular programs provide opportunities for vocational reflection.

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