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Costa Rica Center Update

Lindy Scott, Director of Whitworth’s Costa Rica Center and Professor of Spanish

Fall 2012 began with a bang. Nineteen enthusiastic Whitworth students – our largest autumn cohort to date – are studying at the Costa Rica Center. They are taking courses including Spanish, International Political Economy, Latin American Women Writers, Creative Writing and Corazon (Core) 350. They have moved in with their host families and they are working one day a week in an internship in their academic area (such as business, education, ministry, social justice). Later this fall, they will take fieldtrips to the Pacific and Atlantic coasts, Nicaragua and Cuba.

Jan Term 2013 will be an exciting time at the Costa Rica Center. Thirty honors freshmen will come to the CRC to explore the theme Creation Care: A Biblical Mandate and our Faithful Response. The cohort will be taught by a team of Whitworth professors and local experts, and experiential learning will be emphasized. In addition, Associate Professor Melinda Larson, ’92 (Health Sciences), will bring a dozen health-science majors here for a Jan Term course called Medical Spanish. The course will combine intensive Spanish classes on medical vocabulary and scenarios with 60 hours of internship service in medical clinics.

Applications for spring semester 2013 are still being accepted. Students from all majors can enroll in general education courses such as Core 350, Conservation and Human Rights (BI 115), Introduction to Latin American Studies (IDS 301), and Spanish at all levels. In addition, Assistant Professor of Political Science Patrick Van Inwegen is at the CRC this entire year doing research during his sabbatical, and this sprng he will teach International Political Economy (PO 353) and Nonviolent Defense and Conflict Resolution (PO 297). Students will also be able to participate in internships, host-family stays, and field trips to the Pacific and Atlantic coasts and to Nicaragua. To apply, click on Spring Semester 2013 Costa Rica Center Application.

We’re also pleased to announce the Costa Rica Center’s summer 2013 program, which offers two sessions that take place over nine weeks (June 9-Aug. 10). The summer program consists of intensive Spanish classes that range from beginner to advanced. Participants will have the opportunity to live with Costa Rican host families the entire time. In addition, the program includes a variety of field trip options (volcanoes, ecology trips, fishing village) and internship opportunities. For more information about the summer program, please visit our Costa Rica Center calendar.

Applications for any semester are available online at the Costa Rica Center website.
Questions? Please contact Kristina Kielbon, CRC student recruiter, at; Kim Hernández, faculty liaison, at; or Olivia Godt, program TA, at

Eye on Alumni

Corey Dugan, '11
Fulbright Teaching Assistant to Madrid, 2011-12, currently working with AmeriCorps in Seattle, Wash.

Saludos desde Seattle! Although it sometimes feels like I just graduated yesterday, I have in fact survived a year abroad, teaching English in Madrid through a Fulbright grant, and have recently begun a service year as an AmeriCorps member.

I was drawn to Spain because of my time spent studying abroad in Sevilla, and I was eager to return to the beautiful country I'd known for four months. The year turned out to be quite different from my few months in Sevilla, but I eventually adjusted to living in a large city and working in a foreign country. The experience was not without its challenges, but I'm very grateful for the incredible opportunities I was presented with. My Spanish improved considerably, I was able to travel around Spain and other parts of Europe, I made special relationships with some of my Spanish middle schoolers (while also developing my patience skills with the other students), and, most importantly, I started to figure out how to do this whole "no longer a college student" thing!

I'm now entering the second month of my AmeriCorps service year in Seattle, where I work with refugee preschoolers, facing new challenges and joys along the way. After seeing the effects language can have on a young child's learning and social development, I've become interested in pursuing a master's degree in speech therapy. Whatever I end up doing, I fully intend on keeping the Spanish language and culture rich and present in my life. Many thanks to Whitworth for encouraging me in my exploration of and passion for all things Spanish!

A View from Abroad

Katherine "Rine" [pronounced 'rin'] Walker Bernard, '14, a political science major and current student at the Costa Rica Center, tells us about her experience:

Q. What has been your favorite experience in Costa Rica?

A. The people are all really nice and more helpful than at home. In San Jose, some students and I went into a theater. One of the guys who worked there let us go upstage and walk around the theater, and that was really cool.

Q. How do you like your classes?

A. It's fun that classes are smaller – my Spanish class has six people in it – because we can all work together at the same time and get a lot of attention from the prof. It's also nice only having one class at a time. I just have homework for one class to focus on, and not a lot of other homework to do at the same time.

Q. Can you tell us a about your internship?

A. I'm working for a presidential candidate who's running in 2014, and I'm researching the legalization of marijuana and its effect on drug crimes between Latin America and North America. On my first day, I did research in the morning, and I'll be at his office next week. I'm really excited! This is something that is really unique because I'm in another country, but the topic will also translate well in the United States.

Announcements and Upcoming Events

French Tutoring: All levels – FREE

Every Sunday and Thursday from 8-9 p.m. in Westminster 113. Review grammar, check homework , review for tests, get help with proofreading and editing papers, and practice your conversational abilities.

Spanish Tutoring: All levels – FREE

Five nights a week: Sun./Tues./Thurs. from 7-9 p.m.; Mon./Wed. from 7-8 p.m., in the library, second floor, Room 208 (across from the Whitworth Writing Center). Review grammar, check homework, review for tests, get help with proofreading and editing papers, and practice your conversational abilities.

Advance sign-up (available on the door) is recommended. Walk-ins are always welcome!

Scripture of the Month

Micah 6:8 He has told you, O man, what is good; and what does the Lord require of you but to do justice, and to love kindness, and to walk humbly with your God?

Miqueas 6:8 ¡Ya se te ha declarado lo que es bueno! Ya se te ha dicho lo que de ti espera el SEÑOR: Practicar la justicia, amar la misericordia, y humillarte ante tu Dios.

Michée 6:8 O homme! Il t’a déclaré ce qui est bon; et qu’est-ce que l’Eternel requiert de toi, sinon que tu fasses ce qui est juste, que tu aimes la bénignité, et que tu marches en toute humilité avec ton Dieu?

Micha 6.8  Es ist dir gesagt, Mensch, was gut ist und was der Herr von dir fordert, nämlich Gottes Wort halten und Liebe üben und demütig sein vor deinem Gott.

Mika 6:8  Ee mwanadamu, yeye amekuonyesha yaliyo mema; na Bwana anataka nini kwako, ila kutenda haki, na kupenda rehema, na kwenda kwa unyenyekevu na Mungu wako.    

弥迦  6:8    世人啊!耶和华已指示你何为善,他向你所要的是什么呢?只要你行公义,好怜悯,存谦卑的心,与你的神同行。

ミカ書 / 6章 8節  人よ、彼はさきによい事のなんであるかをあなたに告げられた。主のあなたに求められることは、ただ公義をおこない、いつくしみを愛し、へりくだってあなたの神と共に歩むことではないか。

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