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Jeremy WynneJeremy J. Wynne, Lecturer in Theology and Assistant Director of the M.A. in Theology Program


Ph.D., King’s College, University of Aberdeen
Th.M., Princeton Theological Seminary
M.Div., Princeton Theological Seminary
B.A., Whitworth University

Courses Taught

TH 135, A Biblical Introduction to God
TH 175, Acts of the Apostles
TH 141, Great Themes in Paul’s Letters
TH 211, Wrestling with God’s Wrath
TH 250, Gospel of John
THG 515, Christian Theology
THG 575, Theology in the Public Square

Areas of Specialization/Expertise

Doctrine of God (Trinity and Perfections); Doctrine of Creation; Use of Scripture in Theology; Reformed Theology; Missiology

Selected Publications/Presentation/Honors

Publications Include: “Judgment and Wrath”, in The T&T Clark Companion to Sin, ed. Keith Johnson and David Lauber (London: T&T Clark, forthcoming); “Wrath”, The T&T Clark Companion to the Atonement, ed. Adam Johnson (London: T&T Clark, forthcoming); “Realities Side by Side: God's Patience and Abraham's History in Genesis 18:16-32” (forthcoming); Wrath among the Perfections of God’s Life (London: T&T Clark, 2010); Response to Dr. Viktor Ber, “Social Dimensions of the Atonement in Lev. 16”, in Ex Auditu: An International Journal for the Theological Interpretation of Scripture (forthcoming); “The Livingness of God; or, the Place of Substance and Dynamism in a Theology of the Divine Perfections,” International Journal of Systematic Theology 13 n 2 (April 2011): pp. 190-203; “Serving the Coming God: The Insights of Jürgen Moltmann’s Eschatology for Contemporary Theology of Mission,” Missiology: An International Review 35 n 4 (Oct. 2007): pp. 437-52.

Presentations Include: Response to Viktor Ber, “Social Dimensions of the Atonement in Lev. 16”, North Park Theological Sem. Symposium on the Theological Interpretation of Scripture (Chicago, 23-25 Sept. 2010); “The Goodness of God: A Biblical-Dogmatic Perspective on the Opening Chapters of Genesis,” Genesis and Christian Theology Conference (St. Andrews, Scotland, 15 July 2009); “Charles G. Finney, the Rhetoric of Wrath, and the Challenge of a Robust Doctrine of God,” Evangelicalism and Eschatology Conference (St. Andrews, Scotland, 30 April 2007); “Retributive Justice and the Perfection of God’s Life,” Scottish Universities Postgraduate Theology Conference (Aberdeen, June 2007); “A Peculiar Purchase on Divine Perfection: Irenaeus and creatio ex nihilo,” Scottish Universities Postgraduate Theology Conference (Edinburgh, June 2006).

Honors Include: Postgraduate Research Bursary (Aberdeen, 2008-09); Overseas Research Studentship Award Scheme, or ORSAS (Aberdeen, 2006-08); College of Arts and Social Sciences Studentship (Aberdeen, 2006-08); Presbyterian Leadership Fellowship (Princeton Seminary, 2001-04); Apollos Merit Award (Omaha Presbyterian Seminary Foundation, 2001-04); Religion and Philosophy Distinguished Student of the Year (Whitworth, 1999).