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To:            Students Interested in Theatre at Whitworth University

From:        Diana Trotter, Ph.D., Chair, Theatre Department

Re:            Theatre Talent Awards Auditions

Date:        January 2014

Thank you for your interest in theatre at Whitworth University. I am excited to hear that you’re considering Whitworth as one of your university choices. We’re enjoying a very busy year of courses and productions.This fall we produced a modern adaptation of The Wakefield Mystery Plays, a series of Bible stories originally created in medieval England. This huge theatrical extravaganza included singing, dancing, comedy and drama – not to mention Cain riding in on a John Deere tractor!  In December we hosted our Festival of 10-Minute Plays. Senior projects thus far have featured Ramsey Troxel doing stand-up comedy, Emily Shick and Austen Case creating an experimental theatre piece based on New York’s Wormhole Project, and Michelle Slate exploring the theme of forgiveness through performance. Jan Term provides a break from the usual routine with students doing service-learning work in Spokane, painting murals for the ARC of Spokane and creating masks with guest artist Peter Hardie. Students are already looking forward to next January’s bi-annual study tour to New York City. Never a dull moment in Whitworth Theatre!

Whitworth offers scholarships to new and returning students in any major who are committed to participating in the theatre production program. The priority deadline for auditioning for a Theatre Talent Award for the 2014-15 academic year is Feb. 14.  Auditions after this deadline may still be considered, depending on the availability of funds. We would enjoy having you audition in person, if possible.However, you may also submit your audition via DVD or YouTube if a campus visit is not an option. Please call Program Assistant Ella Kerner at 509.777.3707, or e-mail her at to schedule an appointment or submit your audition.

Your audition should feature two contrasting monologues of no more than one minute each. If you are primarily interested in the production side of theatre, you may instead present a three-minute presentation of your portfolio (designs, renderings, stage-managing experience, technical work, etc).  If you are considering a dance minor, you may substitute one to two minutes of choreographed dance in the genre of your choosing for either of the monologues. Please include a résumé that lists your experiences in theatre and a brief paragraph describing your willingness to commit to our program through performance, backstage work, or other areas of interest to you.

Award recipients will be expected to participate actively in the theatre production program through performance, backstage work, publicity and box-office work or through other jobs as necessary, regardless of their major. Failure to meet the requirements of the award during the fall semester will result in the rescinding of the second half of your award in the spring. While students primarily interested in the dance minor are welcome to audition for Theatre Talent Awards, please note that these awards are intended for students who use their skills to support the theatre production program.

Competition for these scholarships is keen, and we urge you to prepare now!  Please write or call if you have concerns or questions.This is an exciting time for you as you make these far-reaching decisions!