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January and May Terms

Jan Term and May Term off-campus courses allow students to travel and study for a month under the direction of a Whitworth professor. January is a period that affords a broad variety of short study programs. Aside from courses offered on a regular basis (usually alternating every other year), there are often several "one-of-a-kind" experiences for student selection. Tuition for Jan Term is included in a long semester. May Term tuition is additional to the program cost.

To view more program details, click on the name of a program below. For additional information you may also contact Sue Jackson (sjackson@whitworth.edu). Most programs take place every other year.

Anthropology in Hawaii SO 200 (Intro to Cultural Anthropology) is offered on site on the beautiful Island of Oahu (Hawaii). The study program meets the global perspectives requirement (or sociology credits).The course is taught and administered by Dr. Raja S. Tanas, Professor and Chair of the Sociology Department.

Art and Architecture in Chicago Let world-class museums and historic buildings be your classroom! This three-week class has two interwoven threads. The first is an exploration of fine art--painting, sculpture, performance. Why do artists do what they do? How do viewers participate in constructing the meaning of an artwork? The second thread is the history of modern architecture. Chicago has been on the cutting edge of architecture from the birth of the skyscraper. Students will explore buildings and spaces from inside and out, in walking tours and boat tours. All this happens in the dynamic urban environment that is Chicago. We will go to the beach, the theatre, a concert, and the top of skyscrapers. Students write reflections, essays, and final paper due after the trip. NOTE: This May term trip can be substituted for a Jan term course on campus.

Christianity in Britain Examine the origins, development and influence of the Christian Church in Great Britain, particularly England and Scotland. Primary consideration will be given to the Church’s major historical figures, religious movements, spiritual traditions, theological issues, and ecclesiastical controversies that have played a formative role in British culture from the arrival of the earliest Christian missionaries to today.

Core 250 in Europe Visit Rome, Florence, Paris, and London--as well as nearby sites. See where Western intellectual history unfolded as you visit archaeological sites, museums, and palaces. Explore the ruins of Ostia Antica while learning about the Stoic and Epicurean philosophies of the ancient Romans. Listen to a lecture on Teresa of Avila in front of Bernini's statue of her in Rome. Talk about Calvin and the Reformation in St. Peter's Square and then be blessed by the Pope. See Michelangelo's magnificent David in Florence and learn how he fits the Renaissance ideal. Hear about Galileo as you look at the Leaning Tower of Pisa where he studied the effects of falling objects. Compare the splendor of Versailles to Locke's ideal government. Discuss Kant using the Impressionist art of the Orsay Museum in Paris as an example. Consider the skyline of London in terms of Postmodernism. Examine C.S. Lewis's radical critiques of the modern age sitting in his church outside Oxford. This study program includes the full Core 250 class along with lots of walking and sightseeing...for the physically and intellectually fit!

Costa Rica Center: Freshman Honors Jan Term Open to incoming Freshmen Students admitted with honors to Whitworth University Jan-Term program at Whitworth's Costa Rica Center.** This academic program focuses on Spanish language (multiple levels) and Latin American studies or ecology courses that meet general education requirements for students in any major. Co-curricular activities include family home-stays; service learning; travel to cloud forests, volcanoes and other regional sites; and cultural activities in the region.

Ecology and the Bible Develops a biblical theology of creation care rooted in Scripture’s portrayal of creation and redemption in Christ. Attention is given to environmental issues and the ecology and natural history of the Northwest. Includes study, work, worship, outdoor exploration and disciplined reflection.

In the spectacular winter setting of Tall Timber Ranch in the North Cascades, we will immerse ourselves in the study of Scripture, learn about natural history and local ecology, ponder the state of the planet, play in the snow, and join together in worship and reflection as we contemplate the glory of God’s creation and redemption in Christ and what it means for how we live in the world today.

Math History For many of us, our experience with mathematics has been primarily through a textbook: equations, theorems, proofs, examples and exercises. But behind each of these results is a person, and a story. They are stories of political and religious intrigue, competition and collaboration, commercial and military impetuses, moments of insight and patient persistence. In this 3 week study-program we will travel to the places famous mathematicians lived and worked. We will see the buildings they planned, the art they produced, the equipment they worked with, their inventions and some of their original writings. Along the way we will be joined by local math and history guides who will help to put what we see into a historical context. We’ll gain an understanding of how mathematical ideas have developed over time, how social, cultural and historical factors have influenced the development of mathematics and conversely, how mathematics contributed to society and human culture. You will never look at those theorems and proofs in quite the same way again!

Media Impact Across the Contemporary U.S. Students will visit New York City and Washington, DC to learn from media executives and scholars what they believe are the main issues currently facing the media impact on contemporary US society. Media industries visited will include newspapers, television, radio, magazine and book publishing, and advertising. The program is designed to expose students who have an interest in the mass media, both those majoring or minoring in Communication Studies as well as students from other disciplines, to some of the media-related issues affecting contemporary US society.
Click here to view an online travelogue from New York and Washington, D.C. (January 2009)

Oral Spanish Abroad - Spain Take level-appropriate Spanish conversation courses and participate in homestays, cultural experiences, and excursions. Visit historical sites such as Córdoba and Ronda. Sevilla is located in southwestern Spain and is the provincial capital of Andalucía. With a population of about 700,000 inhabitants, Sevilla offers a rich historical environment in which to improve your Spanish fluency and to experience living in another culture!

The Actor's Experience Attend plays and concerts. The city is the classroom, with students staying at a downtown New York residential hotel. (Meets fine arts requirement.)

The Power and Politics of Art: Italy/Germany/Austria "Power and Politics of Art". Sample the arts (music, theatre, art and architecture) in Rome, Florence and Berlin on the same trip. (Meets either Global Perspectives or Fine Arts Gen-Ed requirement.)


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