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International Exchange Programs: Japan

Shikoku Gakuin University

In the heart of Zentsuji City, Shikoku Gakuin is located on scenic Shikoku Island. Students live in boarding houses and take courses in Japanese language and society, as well as cross-cultural communication.

* Program fulfills Whitworth's global perspectives requirements

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Kwansai Gakuin University

Kwansai Gakuin University, located in Nishinomiya (near Osaka), offers an excellent Japan and East Asia Studies Program.  Students can choose between the Japanese Language Studies Module, or the Japan and East Asia Studies Module.  As the names imply, the Japanese Language Studies module focuses on the acquisition and improvement of Japanese language skills, both written and oral.  The Japan and East Asia Studies Module offers Japanese language classes, as well as others taught in English that focus on various aspects of Japan and East Asia.

* Program fulfills Whitworth's global perspectivesrequirements

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