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International Exchange Programs: Hong Kong

The Chinese University of Hong Kong
This program will take you into a unique bilingual, bicultural setting and to a spacious, green campus located between the Kowloon Peninsula and the People's Republic of China, in the New Territories of exciting, vibrant Hong Kong.

Established via the merger of four local colleges, Chinese University of Hong Kong encourages and celebrates its history via its curriculum and student life. Course instruction is in English, Cantonese and Putonghua; the local dialect is primarily Cantonese.

Hong Kong, often referred to as the gateway to Asia, is an international hub of banking and commerce. Its atmosphere, architecture and daily life offer the perfect blend of east and west, modern and traditional, which makes Chinese University of Hong Kong the perfect environment for courses that feature English instruction within a rich Chinese context.

* Program fulfills Whitworth's global perspectives requirement

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