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Off-Campus Opportunities

British Culture through the Arts

Term: January 2016
Description: British culture through music and theatre. Attend plays and concerts and visit world-renowned museums in this center of culture. Students stay in a central London hotel, keep a journal and discuss their experiences. Highlights include: • Plays and musicals • Art museums and galleries • Cultural and historical sites • Tours within London—may include city bus tour, Westminster Abbey, St. Paul’s Cathedral, Tower of the London, Globe Theatre • Day trips outside London—may include Stonehenge, Salisbury Cathedral, Bath, Dover, Canterbury Cathedral, Coventry Cathedral, Stratford-upon-Avon • One unscheduled long weekend to allow for travel within or outside London

The Arts in Christian Worship

Term: January 2016
Description: The Arts in Christian Worship explores the ways that the music, art, and architecture have shaped and been shaped by Christian worship practice from the early church to the present. Through on-site visits in Rome, Florence, Geneva, Paris, and London, students will become more familiar with the various artistic styles and study many facets of the role of the arts in Christian worship. The week spent at the Taize community in France will allow students to experience a unique Christian worship practice in community with young people from around the world. Highlights of the trip include: • Exploring four of the world’s top art museums (Louvre, Vatican, Uffizi, National Gallery) • Living, worshiping, and serving together with young people from around the globe at Taize • Climbing the 463 steps to the top of the Florence Duomo for the best view of the city • Exploring ancient Rome (Forum and Coliseum), as well as Christian churches spanning over 1500 years • Attending a live performance of “Les Miserables” and a concert of the BBC Symphony in London • Great pasta and pizza, gelato, croissants, bangers and mash!

The Power and Politics of Art: Italy/Germany/Austria

Term: January 2017
Description: "Power and Politics of Art". Sample the arts (music, theatre, art and architecture) in Rome, Florence and Berlin on the same trip. (Meets either Global Perspectives or Fine Arts Gen-Ed requirement.)

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