Music Ministry Program
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The Whitworth Music Ministry Program is guided by the following values:

  • Theology: A solid understanding of biblical foundations for worship and the role of music in worship
  • History: A deep understanding of the history and liturgical development of worship from New Testament times to the present, and their application as a resource in considering current worship issues
  • Musical Development: Training in classical and contemporary idioms within a liberal-arts context
  • Spiritual Development: Continued growth in each student's relationship with Jesus Christ through prayer, worship and study
  • Culture: Identifying and thinking critically about the relationship between music and culture in specific contexts
  • Community: Understanding, participating in, relating to, and nurturing the particular faith community to which participating students are called
  • Relationships: An ability to develop and maintain positive, mutually edifying relationships with people whom students join in ministry
  • Technology: Knowledge of basic concepts of audio and video technology as they relate to worship