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Kim Weathers

Kim Weathers

What year did you graduate from Whitworth's MIT? 2010.

What and where do you teach? I teach sixth grade at Hamblen Elementary, in the Spokane School District.

What else are you involved in at your school? I'm currently involved in an after-school math club and the technology committee, and I volunteer at Mobius Science Center. STEM education is one of my many passions. I recently attended the inaugural Invent Washington training sessions, and I hope to begin an inventor's club at Hamblen. I also have a book chapter in The International Handbook on Innovation Education, which is due out next month (and which was a long time coming).

Describe your greatest joy as a teacher. Seeing students excited about their learning. How do I know they're excited? I know it when they greet me in the morning by telling me that they went home and applied what they learned. I love sentences that begin with, "You know, Ms. Weathers, I was thinking about what we did in class and...." They tried it at home!

How did Whitworth prepare you to meet the needs of your students and to enjoy your work? Whitworth prepared me in so many ways for my career as a teacher. I believe that the passion that my students feel is something that was modeled for me by my exceptional professors while I was at Whitworth. They modeled many of the positive attributes I believe that I possess as a teacher. My first two years teaching were very challenging, because I taught in a foreign- language-immersion school that had different cultural norms and religious practices. Honestly, without my cultural-responsiveness training at Whitworth, I'm not sure I would have fully grasped the transitions necessary for my success.