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  • Grads Get Jobs: Administrators seek Whitworth students
  • Concurrent master's degree and Washington Teaching Certificate
  • Full-time Program: Complete in only 13 months
  • Yearlong internship in the same classroom
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Carolyn Green

Carolyn Green

What year did you graduate from Whitworth's MIT? 2010.

What and where do you teach? I teach English 9 and Honors English 9 at Mt. Spokane High School.

What else are you involved in at your school? Just teaching for now (it's my first year at Mt. Spokane) – I hope to be involved in more soon!

Describe your greatest joy as a teacher. Great literature gives us the opportunity to see the world through someone else's eyes for a little while. I teach for those moments when everything comes together and a student looks at the world differently after reading something in my class. Nothing is better than that! However, I also have to add that laughing with my freshmen is a close second. They are absolutely hilarious!

How did Whitworth prepare you to meet the needs of your students and to enjoy your work? Whitworth prepared me to look at the "big picture" of what I'm trying to accomplish in the classroom. It is so easy to get caught up in the daily assignments and the little problems all teachers inevitably encounter, but I think that the MIT Program guided me through the process of figuring out who I am as an educator and knowing what I want for my students in the long run. Because I was in a classroom for a full nine months, I also got to experience the "big picture" of a school year. Keeping this perspective helps me teach my students more effectively and helps me enjoy my job too! If we accomplish our big goals, we can all feel proud of our work.