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  • Grads Get Jobs: Administrators seek Whitworth students
  • Concurrent master's degree and Washington Teaching Certificate
  • Full-time Program: Complete in only 13 months
  • Yearlong internship in the same classroom
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Analisa McCann

Analisa McCann

What year did you graduate from Whitworth's MIT? 2011.

What and where do you teach? I teach first grade in the Central Valley School District – at Broadway Elementary.

What else are you involved in at your school? Staff spirit committee and writing committee.

Describe your greatest joy as a teacher. It is knowing that each day I have the opportunity to inspire children to love learning. There are so many creative ways we can teach important concepts and mold lifelong learners.

How did Whitworth prepare you to meet the needs of your students and to enjoy your work? I had an incredible student-teaching placement at Willard Elementary. Because of the MIT model, I was in the same classroom from September to June. This allowed me to be with the same class from start to finish. My mentor teacher provided me with the best model of teaching and that has had a real impact on my daily routines as a teacher. The MIT Program also did a great job of teaching us about standards and about how to align those with our lesson plans. This has influenced what I choose to teach. The MIT Program is not something you choose to do "just because." People who enter the MIT Program join because teaching kids is their passion.