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  • Grads Get Jobs: Administrators seek Whitworth students
  • Concurrent master's degree and Washington Teaching Certificate
  • Full-time Program: Complete in only 13 months
  • Yearlong internship in the same classroom
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MIT Admissions

Whitworth Admissions Process

Though admission to Whitworth's Master in Teaching Program is competitive, the Graduate Admissions Committee dedicates itself to a thorough, holistic review of each application. Our objective is to get to know each applicant as an individual who brings particular strengths and unique experiences to his/her future role in the classroom. This understanding helps us to determine whether an applicant is a good fit for Whitworth — and whether Whitworth is a good fit for the applicant.

Come Meet Us

The Admissions Committee strongly encourages all applicants to visit Whitworth University to learn more about the MIT Program from current students, faculty and staff. To arrange a visit, please call 509.777.3222.

Application Materials – What You Must Provide

The Whitworth MIT admissions committee carefully considers each completed application, with no particular weight placed on any one piece of the application.

Below are some tips to consider as you complete your application: 

  • Application and $35 fee

    The online application has several components, including the character-and-fitness supplement. Following your application, you will be prompted to submit your $35 application fee.

    You have the option of e-mailing your essay to us at a later time (mit@whitworth.edu). Simply place a note in the essay box indicating this plan.

  • Résumé

    On your résumé, please include both work experience and, where applicable, service activities and recognitions.

    We require that MIT applicants have experience working directly with youth. The Admissions Committee is especially interested in your work, educational and volunteer experiences.

    Service, activities and recognition, such as public, community or military service, travel experiences, extracurricular activities, and any honors or recognitions received are all important indicators of an applicant's motivation and character. The most appropriate place to include this information is on your résumé. The essay that accompanies your application may also be an appropriate place to discuss your personal background

  • Recommendations

    Three recommendations are needed for your complete application. You should request recommendations from individuals who have a strong knowledge of 1) your experience in working with youth, 2) your professional work and/or 3) your ability to succeed in the classroom.

    1. At least one recommendation must be from an individual who can attest to your successful work with children or youth.
    2. If you have graduated within the past three years, one letter should be from a university professor in your major. If it has been more than three years since you completed your bachelor's degree, you may substitute a professional recommendation.
    3. One recommendation should be from an individual who can speak to your general character and to the possibility of your success as a teacher/graduate student. It should not be from a family member.

    Recommendations are completed via an online recommendation request sent directly to each reference once you begin the application process.

  • Transcripts

    Though a student's GPA is reviewed for probability of academic success, we understand that undergraduate GPAs, particularly those from several years ago, may not reflect current ability or commitment to academic success.

    Order official transcripts from ALL colleges or universities previously attended; send them directly to:

    Whitworth University
    Graduate Admissions
    300 W. Hawthorne Road
    Spokane, WA 99251

  • Prerequisites

    Content Coursework

    Teaching certification requires specific content coursework to meet state endorsement requirements. Content coursework should be completed prior to the start of the MIT Program. Please arrange a meeting with the MIT advisor in order to review your transcripts and determine which courses may be needed to fulfill requirements. Call 509.777.3222.


    Washington Educators Skills Tests (WEST-B and WEST-E/National Evaluation Series [NES]) must be passed prior to certification. It will be beneficial for you to take the tests as soon as possible. In order to assess your competence in areas covered by the tests, we recommend that you take each test prior to entering the MIT Program. Because the tests may be taken more than once, you gain valuable feedback whether you pass the tests or not, and this feedback will enable you to focus on areas that may require more study.

    Deadlines for passing the tests:

    WEST-B – Must be passed by the end of the first summer term of enrollment
    WEST-E/NES – Must be passed by Nov. 30 fall term

    Failure to take either test before the program begins, or to pass either test by the stated deadlines, may result in removal from the program.

    For more information on the WEST-B and WEST-E/NES, please visit www.west.nesinc.com.

  • Personal Essay

    The essay is a critical component for assessing an applicant's motivation for attending Whitworth's MIT Program. Please compose a 600-900 word essay (approximately 2-3 pages, double-spaced, 12 pt font), describing why you have chosen teaching as a profession and why you have selected the MIT Program at Whitworth University for your professional preparation. A strong essay will convey careful research on Whitworth, as well as enthusiasm for the program and for teaching.