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  • Grads Get Jobs: Administrators seek Whitworth students
  • Concurrent master's degree and Washington Teaching Certificate
  • Full-Time Program: Complete in only 13 months
  • Yearlong internship in the same classroom
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About the Program

The Master in Teaching Program begins each June, and the cohort format of the program provides you with a supportive atmosphere and an immediate network of colleagues. During the public school academic year, you'll participate in a year-long internship at one site with one mentor teacher. This has several unique advantages:

  • Experience the first and last days of school, and all the days in between
  • Prepare for teaching with a full academic year of experience
  • Develop relationships with students, mentors, administrators and the community
  • Work first-hand with curriculum sequencing
  • Fine-tune classroom management techniques with the same students

13-month Program

Each MIT course is presented as a progressive model to parallel the year-long student teaching practicum. This parallel nature allows for meaningful connections and applications between what you're learning at Whitworth, and what you're experiencing in the classroom. The cohort model allows you to experience the entire program with the same group of fellow students, creating a team-like environment that is encouraging and beneficial.

Please see the following links for course schedules and more information about the Whitworth MIT Program:

Frequently Asked Questions

  • When does the program begin and end?

    The full-time Master in Teaching Program lasts approximately 13 months. The program begins in June and finishes the following June.

  • When are applications due?

    April 1, unless program capacity has been reached prior to April 1. If space allows, strong applications may be considered after this time. We recommend that you submit your application materials as soon as possible. We begin reviewing applications as soon as September.

  • Do I need to take the GRE?

    We do not require the GRE. We do require the West B and West E exams, which are required for all teachers in Washington state. To find out more about these exams, please visit: www.west.nesinc.com

  • What does it mean when you say the program is a "full-time day program"?

    The full-time Master in Teaching Program lasts approximately 13 months. Because you earn a master's degree and a teaching certificate in a little over one year, the coursework and time in the classroom require full-day attendance; basically, 8 a.m.-5 p.m., Monday-Friday. You will, however, enjoy all public school vacations and holidays.

  • What if I already have a teaching certificate?

    The Master in Teaching Program is specifically designed for those students who hold a bachelor's degree in a field other than education and who desire to teach, but do not yet have a teaching certificate. If you already hold a teaching certificate and if you're interested in attending Whitworth to earn a master's degree in education, school administration or counseling, please contact us at 509.777.3222, or visit www.whitworth.edu/gse.

  • Can I take credits toward my endorsement while I'm in the program?

    Before their first day of class in June, all MIT students must have fulfilled a bachelor's degree and completed the coursework requirements to teach in the subject area they desire. On a case-by-case basis, admitted students are permitted to continue to take courses toward their endorsement, though this is neither recommended nor the norm. Students who are working on two endorsements must have one endorsement completed before starting the program and may continue to work toward the second endorsement only with advisor approval. A plan for completion of desired endorsements must be approved and finalized prior to the student beginning the MIT Program.

  • Can Whitworth's MIT Program provide an endorsement in career and technical education (such as: mechanics, woodshop, family and consumer sciences, and computer technology)?

    Because the fields of career and technical education are highly specialized, these teachers are certified directly through local districts. Individuals with experience and interest in these related fields who wish to teach in Eastern Washington should contact:

    ESD 101 (Educational Services District 101)
    General Information, 509.789.3800

  • What if my bachelor's degree is in a different subject than one in which I want to teach?

    It is possible to earn an endorsement in a subject area that differs from your undergraduate academic major. Because Washington state endorsement requirements are based on content coursework and not on degrees earned, you may need to take extra classes in the area in which you want to teach. For more information about endorsements and courses required to earn a certificate in a specific content, please contact the MIT advisor at 509.777.3769.

  • Can I transfer coursework from a different program?

    The MIT Program at Whitworth is a cohort-based model. This means that all students take each core class as a group. Additionally, MIT courses are offered only at the graduate level and are highly specialized, so it is not likely that coursework from another institution or program will match up. In the rare instance that a previously completed course is the same in content and structure, students may petition the faculty to be excused from the course at Whitworth. Petitions will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.