Jordan Jennings

What degree and/or certification are you working toward or have you already earned at Whitworth?
I am currently working on my M.Ed. in school counseling.

Why Whitworth? Why Now?
In my situation there was no doubt that I wanted to pursue my dream of becoming a school counselor after I completed my undergraduate degree. The more interesting portion of this question, in my case, is "Why Whitworth?" Coming from Illinois, I had never heard of Whitworth University nor considered ever moving out to the Northwest. However, after much prayer and contemplation, I decided to let God have control of the next step in my life. Fortunately, he led me to a great university where I was able to obtain a graduate coaching position for cross-country/track and field and also to continue my dream of becoming a school counselor. Whitworth University has truly been a blessing!

What's been the best part so far about attending graduate school at Whitworth?
The opportunity to discuss different religious aspects in regard to counseling. My faith is very important to me, so I appreciate being able to bring it into the realm of my future profession.

Favorite movie
The Street Stops Here

If you could travel anywhere, where would you go?
Iten, a town located in the Rift Valley of Kenya.

What else do you have to balance in life while pursuing academic study?
Basically, I am a normal college student, hanging out with friends, watching television, reading, coaching and running. But the most important balance in my life is staying in touch with my family back home in Illinois. They mean more to me than anything else in this world. It's truly amazing how one phone call with my sister and/or my mom can change my outlook on the entire day. It keeps me very motivated to know that I have a family that is proud of what I'm doing and supportive of my aspirations in life.

We'd be surprised to know... I'm an avid runner and I hold multiple track & field school records at Saint Louis University.

Advice for other adults considering Whitworth's evening graduate school
I would suggest praying and making certain it is the right time for you to continue your education. It is important to be able to absorb all the great information Whitworth faculty will provide for you, and if other distractions get in the way this may not be possible. With that being said, professors realize that we have other obligations outside of the classroom and are usually willing to work around these obligations. It's just a matter of whether or not you believe that it is the right time for you to continue your education.

If you were able to say a few words at a Whitworth graduation, what would they be?
It has been an honor being at Whitworth, and I could not have chosen a better institution as the place to continue my education.  The staff and my classmates are all topnotch individuals who have allowed me to grow as a professional in my field.