Reginald Reavis

What degree and/or certification are you working toward or have you already earned at Whitworth?
M.Ed. Degree in Mental Health Counseling

Children? How many and what age(s)? 
Two girls, 21 and 6; one boy, 19

Why Whitworth? Why now?
Because the people at Whitworth were very easygoing and accepting and made it simple for me to get information and apply without barriers. Because it's time and Whitworth provides a way for me to get ahead in life and to accomplish the goals that I have always wanted to reach.

Best book you've ever read 
The Secret

What's been the best part so far about attending graduate school at Whitworth?
How relaxed and easygoing the professors are. They realize that we have lives outside of school, and they want us to succeed.

Favorite movie

If you could travel anywhere, where would you go?
Costa Rica

Where do you work?
American Behavioral Health Systems

We'd be surprised to know... I am a recovering alcoholic of 15 years

Advice for other adults considering Whitworth's evening graduate school
It's a great choice and probably a lot less expensive than you expect.

If you were able to say a few words at a Whitworth graduation, what would they be?
No matter what you have gone through or where you have been, you can always have a positive impact on another person –- whether you know that person for minutes, hours, days, months, or even years.