Whitworth University Cultural & Linguistic Diversity Studies

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  • For educators and others working with culturally diverse populations
  • Enroll at any time
  • Courses online or on campus
  • 16-credits, with optional ELL endorsement
  • Credits can apply toward M.Ed. degree
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Cultural & Linguistic Diversity Studies

The Whitworth School of Education is pleased to launch its new Cultural & Linguistic Diversity (CLD) Studies in Education Program in response to the growing need for expanded knowledge of cultural diversity across the many spectrums of society. The CLD courses – both online and on campus – will address the dual influences of language and culture on student achievement. Instruction that addresses diversity opportunities often focuses on the linguistic side of diversity, with English-as-a-second-language methods, English-language-learner strategies, or English-language-development pedagogy. All of these approaches are crucial when teaching English to speakers of other languages and are vital to addressing linguistic diversity. However, our educational communities must move beyond the emphasis on English-language development and into the larger focus of how issues of cultural diversity, such as poverty, affect instructional and assessment practices. Courses from the CLD program can be applied toward an English Language Learner endorsement and /or toward Whitworth's master in education degree.

Additionally, the 16 credits from the Online ELL Endorsement program can be incorporated into the M.Ed. in Elementary or Secondary Education. Core courses for the master’s degree are provided online with one core course offered each semester.

Thus, a student can complete his/her master’s degree online, providing a very cost-effective, time-efficient way to complete both a Master in Education degree and an English Language Learners endorsement concurrently. The 16 ELL credits must be completed at the graduate level (500 level) in order to include them as part of a master’s degree.