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Most education courses at Whitworth are posted on Blackboard, a web-based, interactive course-management system.

Getting Started
From your Internet browser, select Blackboard from the Whitlinks list on the Whitworth website   www.whitworth.edu.

Logging In
On the Blackboard Courses page, click the Login link. Usernames are the same as network usernames (e.g. jdoe08). Initial passwords are set to the student's ID number (7-digit number, as listed on the ID card; it may start with a zero, which must be included). It is highly recommended that you change your password when you first log in.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Your Blackboard account is independent of your network account (even though the usernames are the same). Therefore, when you change your password in Blackboard, it does NOT apply to your network password as well. You may choose to have the same password for both accounts, but you must set each one independently.

Blackboard Password
You may change your password by clicking on the Personal Information link in the Tools section of the Whitworth Bb welcome page. Select the Change Password link. Your password must include at least five alpha/numeric characters and must include NO special characters. If you have forgotten your Blackboard password, you should first try going to the website. Click the LOGIN tab and on the next webpage, under the password line, is a link called: “Forgot your password?” Fill out the information required, and your password will be e-mailed to you. If you continue to have problems, please contact one of the following people for help:

Judy Dehle

Ken Pecka

Connecting to Courses
After login, you will be at the Welcome page, which displays your Blackboard courses and a standard set of links. To access a course, click on the course link under the My Courses section of the page. Course information, materials, discussion boards, chat and related external links may be available. Each course will differ, depending on the professor's use of the system. You can return to the Whitworth Bb welcome page by clicking on the tab labeled Whitworth Bb near the top of any Blackboard page.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Documents posted on Blackboard are READ ONLY while they are open in Blackboard. Save the document to your computer BEFORE you add to or revise it.

Navigation within Blackboard
Blackboard is a web-based course-management system and you will connect to information and materials by clicking on web links. You can use the standard navigation tools of the browser, such as the back or forward arrows, or you may also use the navigation links provided within the Blackboard pages.

Logging Out
You can log out of Bb at any time by clicking on the Log Out icon at the top of any Blackboard screen. If you close your browser, you will also be logged out of the system.