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Evening Teacher Certification Cohort Curriculum

Cohort Courses:

MA 220 Structure of Elementary Mathematics
EDE 204                     Child & Adolescent Development
EDE 320/520 Exceptional Learners & Inclusion
EDE 335 Technology in Education
EDE 340/540 Differentiated Instructional Strategies & K-8 Social Studies Methods
EDE 341 K-8 Mathematics Methods
EDE 343 K-8 Science Methods
EDE 344 Literacy Practicum
EDE 345 A,B,C, D K-8 Methods in PE & Health; Theatre; Music & Art
EDE 363/563 ELL Methods in Language Arts & Reading
EDE 367/567 Introduction to Intercultural Education
EDE 368/568 Intercultural Immersion  Experience
EDE 401W Critical Issues in Education
EDE 440/540 K-8 Reading Methods
EDE 441/541 K-8 Literacy Methods
EDE 444 Instructional Strategies Practicum
EDE 471/571 Assessment & Classroom Management
EDE 474/574 Clinical Practicum Seminar
EDE 496 Clinical Practicum

Cross-listed 500-level courses: Post-baccalaureate students may apply these as electives upon admission to the Whitworth Master's in Elementary Education Program. more